3326-GVmaBELLE-Portable small square bag


2023 New Advanced Retro Fashion Handbag Underarm Bag.New Fashion Trend Leather Underarm Bag Retro Versatile Handheld Shoulder Bag.

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2023 New Advanced Retro Fashionable Handbag Underarm Bag

Product Introduction of the 2023 New Advanced Retro Fashionable Handbag Underarm Bag

High quality Hardware: Multi layer electroplated with textured hardware, uniform color, simple and elegant, allowing you to shine
Bottom of bag: The bottom of the organ is scratch resistant and wear-resistant, made of leather to reduce wear and prolong the service life of the bag
Comfortable Handheld: Made of fashionable, customized and comfortable leather material, it has strong load-bearing capacity and is simple, comfortable, and easy to handle.

Product Parameter (Specification) of the 2023 New Vintage Fashion Handbag Underarm Bag Product Parameters

Model No:  3326#    
Material: PVC    
SIZE:  L:27.7CM W:6.4CM H:12.5CM
Bag color



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